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Our Services

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HPL speaks the language of excellence in delivering you various warehousing services.

Procurement logistics

We ensure acquisition of your goods, no matter at which point our involvement started. Be it from the very start at the planning stage or the later stage of verification, you will have your goods when and where you want them to be.

Order fulfillment

The transportation of your goods to our warehouse and customers' locations of choice is 100% guaranteed.

Inventory control

We optimize inventory processes by eliminating excess inventory through demand and supply coordination to the point where the desired item arrives just in time for use.

Order kitting

Our skilled staff are well into details and accuracy. We are able to put a kit with hundreds of parts required together without fail.

Technical engineering services

Our skilled engineers are capable of assembly and maintaining various mechanical goods. Ask us for Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) of heavy equipments and mover (trucks, etc), and it will be done for you.

Services & Facilities

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